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Sunday, May 18, 2008

a great weekend!

We had such a great weekend at our house!! Saturday Chad went to work SUPER early (like before 2:30 am, early!) and was home early in the day to spend it all with Charli! We went out to the farm and celebrated Grandpa Borg's birthday! Charli enjoyed playing with the cats, kittens, and puppy! She liked to "moo" at the cows too!! She did NOT want to come inside for anything!! Charli was a big helper for Grandpa too! She helped him several times move the sprinklers! One time grandpa got a little bit of a surprise when he tried to move the sprinkler and it came back to "shower" both the little ones helping grandpa!! (Charli and Colton!!!) Silly Grandpa - but hey, one less bath for this week!!!!

Today Charli spent all day outside today! This morning Chad bought Charli her first bike!! He has been saving his "mowing" money for a few weeks to buy her something like this!! She really enjoyed being on it, and is already learning how to use it correctly! We went on two walks with her new bike, she also took Kasper (daddy took Wynston) on a walk!! Later in the day we went to graduation parties where she entertained all with her "checking" of the tires! She wanted to be outside the entire time, and eventually got her way!!

Charli is growing like crazy - seems like clothes that didn't fit her two weeks ago fit her now! There are a few outfits she didn't even get to wear because she grew out of them before I thought they fit!!!

Charli is using her words very well, and understanding and doing about 98% of what we ask/say!! She is loving her pets more everyday! Each morning she goes to show Coco her hair!!

THIS is why daddy doesn't do my hair!!

good-bye highchair...hello BIG girl chair!

double the feeding power!!

nice kitty!! nice puppy!!!

Charli's new bike!!!

love my shades!!

I kept this shirt clean for about '5' minutes!!!!


Anonymous said...


Deqlan said...

aw! she is to cute and i can see how big she has gotten, cant believe they are nearly two hey! Love the new bike, enjoy every second Charli - and sounds like you are so much like Deqlan - you love being inside and will get mommy and daddy round your finger to keep them outside just as Deqlan does! Prayers and hugs
God Bless love
Samm & Deqlan

Anonymous said...

How cute is she? Kaitlyn would rather be outside then anywhere else too. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Charli...such a nice bike...and it's red like Grandpa's "bike" :o) I miss seeing you this week, but glad you've had more time with Daddy. Love you XXOOPP Grma P

The Currie Family said...

Charli, you're getting so big!! so precious!! white shirts don't stay very clean in our house either! :o)

Brenda, so go for cute backgrounds. there are directions on the right hand side of her blog. have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Landon will not sit in a booster seat, you are so lucky! I love these new pics, she's so precious! They are becoming big kids now, no longer babies. Sort of sad isn't it???
Glad you had a nice weekend!
Hugs to you all!!