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Sunday, September 30, 2007

see spot run

So, how is your weekend?!

Friday night was not such a hot night for Charli, she did not sleep well AT ALL! She just didn't want to lay down by herself. A million things went through our mind. Saturday morning see seemed "fine" until the afternoon rolled around (of course, AFTER the clinic was closed). I thought that she might have an ear ache. Later in the afternoon Saturday we all ran a few errands. Charli fell asleep while driving so we took the "long" way home! I looked back at her a few blocks before we got home and noticed these spots on her arm, I asked Chad to take a look and she had them popping up on her legs too. Hmmm. Our first thought was chickenpox, but we didn't know where she would have picked them up. Just to be safe we called the oncology department in Omaha to see if they wanted us to do anything special. We were told that we needed to have the pediatrician take a look, if they were chickenpox we would probably need to head to Omaha to start a particular antibiotic - because she may not respond like a "typical" child to them.

So, we head to the ER in Columbus. The doctor said that they were not chickenpox, but she wasn't sure what they were. They had popped up in various places by now, on her ears, arms, legs, back, feet, etc. "It's a virus'" So, we came home. I am not trying to be cynical, but feels like a story we have played out before!

She has had a pretty good day so far, but does not want to lay down. 90% of me thinks it is attitude but the other 10% isn't convinced. Call me overprotective, I could care less...just tell me what is wrong with my baby. Just an example of the anxiety, frustration, and helplessness that our life will be bringing us because of the neuroblastoma.


Stacy from Michigan said...

Keeping your family in my prayers! Hoping this "virus" goes away as quickly as it arrived!! Take care of each other!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Charli,

Mackenzie's mom here, you remind me so much of my baby girl, you two have so much in common, Charli you are a beautiful little girl. You are always in our prayers. I keep checking on you and so glad everything is looking up for you. I hope those yucky spots go away. Brenda keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope the virus gets better soon Brenda! I can imagine how stressful that has to be after everything you've been through. Hope Charli is already feeling better!

Gina and Brian said...

I hope that Charli feels okay and the spots don't bother her. She looks like she loves the tent. I love baby's butts! They are so adorable, I am afraid Gavin will hate me when he grows up, cause I tell him how cute his butt is all the time.