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Thursday, September 13, 2007

nothing new to report

Sorry for not posting earlier. We didn't get any news yesterday! The one test we were going to have done didn't work out! But, the doctor did do a physical exam on Charli - feeling her abdomen and back to make sure she could not feel anything and that there was no pain for Charli. She did great yesterday! We will go back in six weeks for the CT scan. Once we get a good report from that we will go every 3 months for awhile.

Charli had such a good time spending the day with us! We let her walk around the stores like a big girl, and she had a ball!! When we got home it was like we brought home a different baby! She was a (good) handful!!

Here is a cute picture of Charli having the time of her life in the hotel last weekend...she cleaned out TWO boxes of Kleenex!!

what do you mean "no-no"?

these MUST be a new toy, they are so easy to get to!

mommy just had to add this 'cuz I look so darn cute!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Zander and his diapers. LOVES to throw them all around. He also does the shoe thing. Happy that everything is good at the Preister house. Zander is sick and Adams allergies are kicking butt.

AndreaChad said...

She is so pretty and looks so big walking around. Love the picture of her walking around...babies in jeans are so ADORABLE!!! Glad to hear that you had a great family day!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the last pictures! She is such a dolly. Glad to hear about your great day! Hope many more are to come.

Stacy from Michigan said...

Glad to hear you had good family time deserve it!!! Charli is looking so grown up!!! Have a good weekend!!

Katie VanDyke said...

I love that last picture. They look so grown up running around in their jeans, don't they?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THESE PICS and what is it about the darn Kleenex boxes!?!?! Landon loves them too!!! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

What a doll!!!!!! We are so glad to hear that everything went good Yesterday. She looks like a handfull and I bet she got it from the Preister side, Cause Savanna is the same way. Love ya and Take Care.
Sarah Bernt(Gronenthal)

The Robbins said...

She is so cute, and looks so cute walking!! I am ready for Halia to walk completely, she is just walking along stuff. They are into everything right now though huh?:)

The Curries said...

Charli looks precious in her jeans!! what a big girl! Glad to see she is getting into some trouble! I bet she is keeping you busy. Big hugs to you both!
Avery and Brynn