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Friday, March 30, 2007


I know I have been bad at getting pictures on the site, so here is a collection of photos!!! Let me warn you that there are a lot of pictures!!!!
someone very special left me "welcome home" balloons, and a sign. I decided to make a wish and let them go a few days later. This is mom taking me outside to do it!

dad kept sneaking into my crib to find a comfortable place to lay, we snuggled up together!

grandma & grandpa borg came for a few visits while I was in Omaha!! I was happy on this day!

everyone take a close look, before daddy deletes this pictures, I am in a RED wagon!!

I guess grandpa & grandma preister didn't like the picture above too much, because this is what they brought me the night I cam home from the hospital. Can someone PLEASE tell daddy that is IS NOT his toy!

on my 8 month birthday!!!

mommy and me in the hospital, looke at my CUTE pants!

mom bought me this dress because it had a funny hat to match, just incase I am bald in a few weeks!

just having fun with another John Deere toy!

only the BEST daycare people ever! This is Lynn & Lonnie, they came to visit me when I was in the hospital - can't you just see how much they love me? I love them too, and miss them lots!

getting a bath before my first surgery, I liked the water!

yummy, my IV was good! They had to wrap it up so I wouldn't yank it out! whoops!

grandma deb and uncle dillon came over for a visit one night!

i look sick, don't I?!!!! You would never guess it :-)

after my bath, it was cold in my room!!!

I liked to play with my new toy that I got while I was in the hosptial! (one of many!!)

*Sorry to grandma and grandpa preister, I don't seem to have a current picture with you two. I guess you will have to come over for a visit so mom can snap a shot or two!! God knows mom needs to add MORE pictures here, right?!!


AndreaChad said...

What a cutie!! I am so glad that your cute smile is still going strong...that helps mom and dad get through the day!

Anonymous said...

What can we say except, "Oh so cute!" I really enjoy the pictures that show her beautiful smile.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl!!!! You must be so pround, I am glad she is doing well!

Sarah (Hannahsmom2006 from BF)

Anonymous said...

Isn't she just about the sweetest little thing! Love the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Brenda, look at these gorgeous pictures of Charli! She so stinkin cute and has the best smile I've ever seen. What a trooper she is!
Thank you so much for posting some recent pictures. Love them all!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet and beautiful baby, I am glad you all still have your smiles!

Alli (DelilahBlue from BF)

NB Warrior said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! She is tooooooo cute!!!

When was she born? I'm thinking she was born right around the same time as my little boy! =) How cute!!

Have a WONDERFUL day Brenda, Chad and Charli!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brenda~ Charli is absolutly gorgeous! Please know that you and your family remain in my prayers! hugs and smooches!
(Leahsboobbuffet from BF)

AndreaChad said...

Your daycare provider looks EXACTLY like the HR person where I work! Maybe they are sisters!?!

Cindy said...

OMG, look at all that hair! Mia wouldn't know what to do with all that hair. LOL! The pictures are great! Charli has such a strong happy spirit like her mommy.

Anonymous said...

These pictures bring tears to my eyes. Your baby is SO beautiful and SO strong to be smiling through this difficult ordeal. Isn't the resiliency of children just awe-inspiring? I continue to pray for Charli and your family.
Many, many hugs,
Lauren, Keith, and Tyler Borack

Anonymous said...

Her smile is contagious! I could be biased ... doubt it :-)

Livin the Dream said...

The easter pics are wonderful. Us "July Mommies" are saying many many prayers for you! We will continue to send well wishes to both of you and keep you in our hearts.