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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

home sweet home....

Well, today is Tuesday and we hoped to be home by now…but we aren’t! Charli didn’t have a great day yesterday and things got pushed back. She was scheduled for a CT scan, but because she hasn’t been a good eater – she wouldn’t drink the bottle with the contrast in it. This meant she had to have a tube put down her nose into her tummy. We are still waiting on those results. However, we did get the all clear on her bone marrow testing…the cancer has not spread into that.

Charli had three days of chemo treatments this trip, that was something we were not aware of. But she has done great so far. She hasn’t eaten that well since her first treatment, but she wasn’t eating that great before either. So, it is hard to tell if it is from the chemo or not.

We were told yesterday by her cancer treatment team that they do not want her to go back to her regular daycare. This saddens me for several reasons. We LOVE our daycare. Lynn and Lonnie are, we believe, the best providers in town…and to loose them breaks my heart. But, we must do what is best for Charli. I will be staying home for the most part, but will go into work as I am able…I am thinking about two days a week or so. We will see what we can work out. I am also sad that Charli won’t be able to be around kids very much over the next six months or so…she just lights up when a child is around. As the doctor said “if you can guarantee that the child is not sick or carrying a virus, go ahead and let them play”….that pretty much sealed the deal. It isn’t worth Charli getting very sick – it is only a short period of time, right? They said that she will probably end up getting sick from her own body, that is how sensitive she will be.

We are hoping that within 6 months the chemo will be done, and possibly the surgeries that will go with this will be done too! I am sad that she will miss out on so much of her first summer…but know she will have a lifetime of summers to make up for it!!!!

Not a lot of new details to report…once I get home I will post some new pictures of her for you all to see!

Thank you for all the nice notes…we have the best friends in the world!


AndreaChad said...

I am sorry to hear that you have not made it home yet, but I am SO, SO excited to hear that it is not in the marrow! Hope Charli starts to eat a bit better so you can get on your way home! You are such a positive person and Charli is so lucky to have you as her mommy! Keep your chin up!! Charli, you friend Calla can't wait to meet you and play when you feel better!


Anonymous said...

YES! I am so happy to hear that it's NOT in her marrow, that is in itself.. wonderful news! I am sorry that you are not home yet. I've been wondering if you were released. Thank you for keeping this updated with the news as we're all pulling for little Charli. I look forward to talking with you! Remember...this too shall pass. 6 months is a short amount of time in a lifetime. You can do this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are not home yet, but I am thrilled that the bone marrow tests came out so well.

Kaitlyn can't wait to play with Charli when she is well enough.

Please let me know if you need anything while in Omaha!


Cindy said...

Praying you are all home soon. Hugs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Chad, Brenda & Charli,

Auntie Lisa, Uncle Clete, and cousins Shania, Dalton & Devon have been praying for Charli since we heard about the tumor. The kids pray for "baby Charli" each night when they say their prayers as well as Clete & me. Shania told them at school too so they are praying for her there as well. Charli is so lucky to have such an awesome Daddy & Mommy. I want to stop by to see you all but will wait until you get settled once you get home. Please know we are here for you all and if there is anything at all we can do to help out, please don't hesitate to call. We are right here in town so we want to do anything we possibly can for you all. We enjoy seeing her pictures....what a happy little girl. She is such a dolly!!
Talk to ya soon,
Love ya all!! Give Charli hugs and kisses from The Borchers

karmicstorm said...

Sorry that you aren't home yet, but glad to hear that it hasn't spread to the bone marrow. Will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

a BF August mommy

Michelle Ugarte said...

Wow! Your post reminds me so very much of our first week. We did the first chemo treatment inpatient and now that I read back on her caringbridge page, she did get sick with the first treatment.

I sent you an email with lots of information so if I overwhelmed you, I am sorry! =)

Please take comfort in the fact that it sounds like your daughters diagnosis is very close to what my daughter was diagnosed with and she is now living life up like a normal child. You would never be able to tell that she had cancer other than a few scars...

I will wait to hear from you... =)

Have a wonderful day and hopefully you will be home VERY soon!

p.s. - Since your daughter is very young and still in diapers right?... does the nurse come in every couple hours or so to check her urine output? I was just reading back on Isabella's treatment and I had written about the nurse wanting me to change Isabella's diaper like 3 times a night just so they could monitor her urine output. I got annoyed because I just wanted my baby to sleep! hehehe

Anonymous said...

That is great that the cancer hasnt spread any more. I want you to also remember that while you are at home with Charli you will get to see all the first that I will probly miss having to work. First steps will be the best. I am glad that I could give you someone who has gone thru it. Kim really is great and will do about anything to help you out.

Anonymous said...

Brenda and Chad,
I just got back from Africa and Joyce told me the news. We are keeping all of you in our prayers. We will continue to read the blog for updates as I'm sure this will eliminate everyone emailing you daily. We love you all!

Traci, David, Peyton and McKenna