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Sunday, May 09, 2010

makes me ask...

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

This day was full of happy surprises! The blessings that I have in my life which I celebrate, and which celebrate me are all because of my husband. This leaves me feeling like i should be celebrating HIM on mother's day! I guess this is why we have Father's Day ;-)

Charli woke up and rolled out of bed to rush straight to her hiding spot for my gift this year, under her bed!! She and Harper got me my first Chimilia bracelet! It has a bead of Charli's birthstone and a bead of Harper's birthstone. Chad let her pick out three other things for my bracelet too, so she picked out another colorful bead and two charms! It was special to begin with, but to know that Charli designed it makes it even more special to me!

On that note -- enjoy the pictures of our kids! Harper cut two teeth this weekend, and they are bugging him a lot! Charli loves that Harper will give her kisses, and enjoys letting him follow her around! She loves that he is her shadow.

she really was stuck! I had my back turned and heard "can someone please help me?!" She saw Chad do this to Harper, and it must have looked like a good idea for those long legs to try!

Wednesday was full of surprises too!! Grandma Jody snuck to Columbus, picked Charli up from daycare after nap, and brought her home to help plant flowers and make me me this special sign for my driveway!! Charli was so proud!

they are so happy together!

Start 'em young ;-)


Jen said...

Your kids are getting so big! Sounds like it was a great day for you and your family

AndreaChad said...

Cute pics!

Natalie said... the chalk drawing on the driveway! You never told me about that! Harper looks pretty cozy with that Red Bull.... LOL!