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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

counted blessings, twice

Everyone has moments in their life when they think the bottom is falling out...and hopefully we also have moments where we feel like life can't get any better than right now! I guess finding the balance is where happiness lays...or knowing that when the bottom is falling it, it just means you will be on the uphill slide soon!? Either way, I guess life is all about what you make it, and how you look at your glass. I tend to think that if you always see your glass 1/2 empty -- it will always feel empty and when you see your glass 1/2 full it will always seem full! What I am getting at I guess is in the past few days I have been reflecting on how full my glass is, and even at the times it is starting to feel a little 1/2 empty I realize that life is what WE make of it! So...tonight I am going to enjoy my 1/2 full glass, because from where I sit my 1/2 glass full seems pretty fulfilling to me!!

Charli and Harper playing with the zhu-zhu pets. It may look like she is taking it from Harper, but she is actually getting ready to share it with him. He thinks these things are great!

Charli's big project! She was so excited to help by putting the stamps on over 120 envelopes to send out posters for our 4th Annual Poker Run. So, if you got an envelope from us for the event the very special postage was put on by our very special inspiration for the event! She was so excited to have a project and so proud of how straight she could stick them!

super-cape! This weekend I spent the night in Lincoln with my sisters to celebrate my oldest nephews college graduation. On our way out of town Rachelle and I stopped and did a little last minute shopping and I picked up this double sided Batman and SpiderMan cape for Charli. She was in heaven...she loves it!

this is one example of why the purple sand must go! It is hard to see in the picture, but it is stuck to her shorts, shirt, legs, and in her hair! She loves to be in her sandbox, but she has to strip down just to come on the porch!

Harper thinks he is big stuff when he hides behind the curtains - Charli will toss sticky toys on the window and he will reach to grab at them, as he hides back there!

hmmm, wonder where he is?!

busted...and he was able to reach two of them! I think he has go-go-gadget legs or something! he was pretty proud!


Natalie said...

My wish for everyone is that they could ALWAYS see their glass 1/2 full. I get in my "1/2 empty" moods too, but try to get out of them just as quickly as I get into them! No use dragging everyone around me down too! :) Thanks for the reminder!!

Anonymous said...

You are so inspirational..........esp. to me.
What cute pictures of my grandchildren........they are as precious as they come.
I enjoy seeing Charli with her "project" and it makes me think of the "project" that her Dad had when he stamped graduation announcements in 1999-------remember.........perfection!!!

Jen said...

It is hard to always remember and appreciate what we do have! I think the goal should be: We will all have moments where the glass is definitly 1/2 long as they are just moments...and after that moment we pick ourselves up, stronger and wiser, and turn life around back to 1/2 full.
cute pics!

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

thanks, Brenda for the positive the pictures! Love you guys, too.