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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

she is still here!!!

I realized tonight that I haven't posted pictures of Charli in ages! And, then I sadly realized that I haven't taken any pictures of Charli in AGES...thank God her grandma took some this weekend so I could remind you all what she looks like :)

Saturday Chad and I met some friends in Omaha for a nice little mini-vaca of eating and baseball! It was a fun get away for the two of us, and a nice time for Charli to spend with her grandma and grandpa Preister! I think everyone had a great time. Charli was up until nearly 11:00 Saturday night I was told, watching 101 Dalmatians and snacking on popcorn!! It is amazing how being apart for a measly 24 hours can make her seem so grown up!! After we picked her up we headed to the farm so she could play with almost all of her cousins! She had a LONG day of playing outside and was exhausted! After that little adventure we went to see baby Braxton, but Charli feel asleep just minutes after leaving the Charli slept most of the visit there!!

I have included a picture of Charli's new "favorite" thing...drawing! She is getting very good at coloring and is starting to grasp the idea of coloring inside the lines. She has learned to draw a pretty good stick person too, better than I can do that is for sure! She has a lot of creative blood on her dad's I hope she can channel that!!!

Just a reminder that anyone who wants to take advantage of Jody's pencil sketch promotion for the Relay has only a few days left to do that!!! Also - luminary or Relay For Life donations are due just around the corner...please let me know if you have questions!!

The poker run is NEXT Sunday, please pray for great weather and an amazing day all around!! I am excited to keep this ANNUAL even going!!

Courtney and Brenda at the Royals game!

35 weeks...and one dirty mirror!

this was on the patient bed at my family practice doctors office today, I was so pleased to see it I had to take a picture!! It isn't very often I run across something that talks about Childhood Cancer in a "public" area, I made sure to tell the doctor thank you :-)

Charli's rendition of a "girl"

she would draw for days!

playing with her pet turtle grandpa preister found for her!

grandma and grandpa preister


Charli sitting on the humphrey bulldog...we have a picture of her doing this last year -- she looks a little bigger this time!!

swing-swing...she is a monkey :-)

petting a baby duck of uncle brads!!


Anonymous said...

It looks like Charli had a fun day with grandpa and grandma! I love her pictures...quite the lil artist. We can't wait to see all FOUR of the Preister's in a few weeks!! The Widhalm's

Anonymous said...

What an artist........are you sure she didn't get some of that talent from "Mommy".
It was sure fun to see the kids
have so much fun outhere at the farm. G-ma

Rachelle said...

Great pictures - looks like you guys had a fun weekend! Glad you and Chad got some alone time!