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Monday, February 02, 2009


So...Charli has really started to catch on to the ways of the world!!
#1 - If you say PLEASE and THANK YOU before/after any request, it is hard for anyone to say no when asking so politely.
#2 - If you offer kisses after a "Please daddy", chances are your are in!
#3 - If you say "but I said please daddy", chances are you will get what you want!
#4 - If you say "but I need a sucker daddy", chances are you will get one!
#5 - If you say "come on guys, please", chances are you will get one!!

It really is hard to say no to a two-year old who asks for things in such a sweet voice, even if it is a sucker at 9am :-) (although, we do manage to say no!)

Charli got her first "official" haircut this weekend. Some of you may remember Charli's "first" haircut about 18 months ago. Although...we will always consider this to be her first! When she started to loose her hair after treatment we cut a few strands off to compare color, etc. She was such a champ...didn't skip a beat, bat an eye, or think twice about what was going on.

after the BIG cut!!

proud little peacock!

Charli thoughthis was fun :-)

let get to it Aunt Amanda!

she is searching after those socks she "hides" under there each night!

the "book tower" - each book had to be taken off her shelf for this project...and done again the next night!! This was such a fun time for Charli!!

Charli, "this is what mommy looks like". Gee, thanks for teaching her that daddy!

who you calling funny-looking?!


The Hudcaps said...

I love the book tower!! I used all my books to make a table for my castle when I was little!!
Cute hair both in the tub and with the cut.

Natalie said...

Ahh...Charli's always doing such fun things with her daddy! (and Mommy...but seriously, can I come over and build a book tower too!?)

AndreaChad said...

How exciting to get her first hair cut! Looks cute! Where is the pic of mommy and her tummy so we can compare? Maybe even put up a pic of you with Charli at this time in your pregnancy...don't be shy!

The Wiechman's said...

She is such a cutie! I can't wait to see her again.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hello dear Preister Family, just popping in to say hi and to see the new pictures of Charli - what a cutie pie indeed! Im so glad she was as good as gold with her hair been cut, I took keaton last week and he screamed so much we had to stop the haircut and walk out with it half done - he he he..... Anyway you are always in our prayers... God bless, Megan (Deqlan's Aunt)

Anonymous said...

WOW--------Chad is very "creative" with the book tower. I can't even begin to imagine that project.
The haircut pictures are so cute.
Is her hair about the same color as it was before she lost it ( when you cut it before)??
G-ma B.

Rachelle said...

She sounds like Daddy's little girl! :o) Cute pictures ~ I love her hair!

NB Warrior said...

She is getting soooo big!!! Adorable!! We are still going to have to met some day!! =)