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Sunday, January 25, 2009

new camera :-)

These should have been posted last weekend, so I will update those before this weeks!!

Grandma and Grandpa Preister stopped by last weekend with two of their granddaughters from Jody's side. The girls had a great time together, it was so much fun to watch Charli play in action!

building a VERY important house with Grandpa

kisses for dad!
We went out to the farm last night and Charli got to play with her cousins! They had a good time, and never seem to have enough time before the night is over!
Charli is growing up so much each day, it is amazing the things she learns from day to day! And, the things that she can remember is frightening!!

We got a new camera last weekend, which has been fun for taking all sorts of random pictures! As you will see it is great for taking "self portraits" of Charli and I! Charli likes it because she feels like she is taking the picture!!

Charli and Macey at the farm

Charli likes to "hunt" the deer on TV with her gun from Santa!

does anyone want to take credit for teaching her this?

this is put on for my sister Rachelle, who I recently told that she takes dumb pictures!! :-)

"Daddy does my hair"

Ahh, the good life! Prop up the beanbag chair on the couch and enjoy Dora!

I think Charli looks so funny here!! She is all personality!

They also enjoy some daddy and me time hunting at night before I get home!

"take one together" she says!!

I can not believe I am posting this! In years from now someone will see this picture and think she has bad teeth!! Charli ate a chocolate star and it stuck to every third tooth...making her look like, well...look like this! I swear it came off minutes later! She has nice teeth!!

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