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Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree - Oh Christmas Tree!

Wow...we have lots of pictures to share this week!! I will keep this short because there is so much to tell with the pictures! We had a great Christmas! On Christmas Eve we went to our church service and later celebrated with our neighbor Jacky for a bit, which Charli enjoyed! We headed to the farm on Christmas day to spend time with my family, and all the kids! Even though mom and dad just added on to their house, it is still not big enough for the TEN grandkids they will have by the 4th of July next year!! With seven of them being under the age of becomes a bit "wild" at times you could say!! The following day we hosted Christmas for Chad's family, and it was so nice to have everyone together, that doesn't happen often! Everyone stuck around to enjoy the afternoon, and many even stayed to watch the dumbest movie ever! It is great to make those Christmas memories :-)!!!!!!

Charli had a great time playing with her cousins all weekend, it is fun to think of how both sides of the family are growing. It is nice to know the kids have other cousins their age to grow up with and play with as they get older...and get in trouble with, etc :-)

Santa was good to Charli, overly good actually - our house has hit its limit on toys it can store! What will we do when the baby is here and we add a pack-n-play, swing, bouncy chair, saucer, etc!! We will need an addition too!!

We hope that everyone had a great Christmas, and that everyone took time to reflect upon the reason for the season, and all it means to you and yours. I am not sure if it is the holiday or what, but I have been very reflective on all that Charli and our family has gone through...and it is not only humbling but also a bit scary to realize how our life could have changed so dramatically with a few more days or a few more millimeters. It is amazing how life works out...even when we think it isn't working out at all.

Have a Happy New year everyone - make lots of resolutions so when you break some, you have another to fall back on :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charli in her Christmas best!

Charli and mom

Charli and Dad

Charli leaving Reindeer food on Christmas Eve!! She LOVED this, talked about it for days!

Charli and her new snap doll, trying to get her to say "cheese" on Christmas morning!

our family...of four :-)

the Borg grandkids! It is hard to get a picture of all of them looking good!
Andrew, Cohen, Derek, Colton, Bryant, Macey, Ryen, and Charli

Charli and Uncle Randy

Charli and Daddy

HI MOM!!! Macey, Ryen, and Charli

Listen Charli, I love your new beanbag chair. Will you please share it with me, I would like to sit on it too!
I will be REALLY nice to you if you share with me!! I will even love and hug on you to show you how awesome I think you would be!!

LISTEN LADY...if you won't share I will just make myself feel at home! How do you like me now?! :-) Colton really wanted on this beanbag chair...can you tell?!!

what kids don't love a good 'ole fashion TV box to play in?!!

This is what a "chapstick meltdown" looks like!! Grandma gave Charli monkey chap stick and this is the result after having to take it away so she could A - open other gifts B- not get it everywhere and C-get a grip with herself..she is addicted to chapstick! Where would she get such a weird addiction?! Hmmm, I wonder!! Here is a hint, Santa left 5 types of chapstick on my stocking too!!!

Charli in the pack-n-play she got for her babies. She was trying to tell us "I'm not to big mommy"....but I didn't really guy it!


making a snowman with Grandma and Grandpa Preister


passed out after a LONG day!

feeding her new baby in her new her new PJ's!

she loves her new football from Uncle Dillon!!

Charli and mommy hiding from monsters!!

Charli, daddy, and Wynston hiding from monsters. Notice Charli trying to get Wynston to smile by holding his head and saying "cheese" for him :-)


The Wiechman's said...

What fun pictures! And you all look great!

NB Warrior said...

I love all the pictures!! Looks like you guys had an AWESOME Christmas!! And a White Christmas too?? We might drive up to the snow in Flagstaff this weekend... Isabella has been asking to make a snowman. =)

The Hudcaps said...

Those are great. It looks like Charli had a great time. She looks like her cousins. Isn't it fun to see them in all their new clothes and playing with all their new stuff?

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT Christmas Story for 2008. The kids really did fit in the box, didn't they???

Natalie said...

I love the snow angel sweet! You all looked very nice for Christmas...good thing you said family of four...because no one would have even noticed!! :)

Sheila Ferrell said...

You are just too cute for words, Charli Ann. I am so happy that you all had a great Christmas. I know that every day you celebrate the miracle of Charli and special days make it that much more meaningful.

Shevy said...

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Congrats on the baby!!!!

stacy from michigan said...

Love the Snow Angel...she is perfect!! Have a Happy New Year!!

Rachelle said...

I love all the pictures ~ Charli is so cute! I'm happy you and your family had a good holiday. I have really enjoyed getting to know you in 2008. You are an inspiration! Happy New Year!

Deqlan said...

Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas and how gorgeous your family pic of four is! Hope 2009 is fantastic for you all! Lots of love and hugs and prayers Mark Samm Deqlan Logan