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Monday, December 22, 2008

detais - details

Lots of things to update!! Last weekend we made a trip to Iowa for the Taake Christmas (my moms side) and that meant we got to meet up with the Russells Friday night! We went swimming in a cold pool and let the kids play with their Christmas presents from each other! Later we went to see a real-live Gingerbread house!!! Enjoy those pictures :-)

Landon stealing kisses from Charli before heading back to HUSKER NATION!!

Gingerbread house from across the street!!

up close and personal!! This was unreal, had to see it to believe it!

I have had several people ask for a follow up to Charli's video last weekend! I realized I didn't really leave any information for you!!
We are due in June of 2009. Since Charli came to this world via c-section (no thanks to the 24+ hours of labor, grrr!) this baby will come the same way (minus the pre-labor!!) in mid-June. Our actually due date was June 29th, which just happens to be days after the Relay For Life of Platte County, which many of you will remember I am co-chairing this year! So, the next six months will be tricky, interesting, complicated, stressful, exciting, and emotional to say the least!!

Charli seems to be pretty into babies right now, but not so much into sharing her mom. So, it will be a transition for her to make with the rest of us. I know she will be a very helpful and loving big sister, but it will be the biggest change in her life with I understand and hope we can make the transition painless for her!
Charli has been acting very "TWO" this past week, and sometimes causing her father and I to pull at our hair! I know it is only a mere glimpse at what is to come with her personality and attitude :-)
In case I don't post again before Thursday, we hope that all of you have a very Merry Christmas and can enjoy all the reasons of the season. We have so many blessings in this is humbling to take the time to reflect on it all!!

Charli loves the dyson, and has officially used it more than me :-)

this is what it looks like under Charli's bed. I bought TWO new packages of socks because I thought she out grew them or something...little did I know she was hiding them under her bed!

I asked Charli if she wanted to sit on Santa's lap, and she moved over on her chair and said "Santa sit right here"!! When I said he wouldn't fit, she did buy into the idea of sitting on HIS lap!

SANTA: "Charli, what would you like for Christmas this year?!"

CHARLI: "two pink presents and candy!!"


The Hudcaps said...

Love the socks. It reminds me of the pile Lilly is collecting. She takes them off of her hands so she can suck her thumb I give up.
The next few months will be tricky but I bet some of the most rewarding. Hang in there, we'll help you.

Jodi Johnson said...

Congrats again Brenda! Having a planned c-section isn't all that bad! I'm sure Charli will be a great big help for all of you!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS-----I didn't realize that you got to see the Gingerbread House while in looks fantastic and now I wish I could have seen it also.
Charli will enjoy Christmas so much but I don't think her presents from me are wraped in
"pink"........will she notice. HA

Deqlan said...

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and the very best for 2009 - lots of love and happiness. health and laugher. Thank you for all your support and love and prayers for our Deqlan - please continue them always!Ours will continue for Charli and you all always! Stay the amazing family you are,merry Christmas, God Bless and lots of love Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan