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Thursday, April 20, 2006

a little shy today... ;)

Okay. I had all intentions of updating the site tonight with a new picture. Then, I took the picture. I have since decided that those of you who can’t see me, shouldn’t see me!!! I am sure the ‘Brenda’ you picture 6 months pregnant is much cuter than the actual Brenda pregnant…so you will have to wait another week or so for a new picture! I should have posted one each week, because the change from the last picture to now will probably scare you all :-)

On a happier note…baby is doing well! So far the baby has been sleeping through the night and not waking me too much. Baby Preister is starting to move around and kick at regular times during the day – and it is fun to wait for the next big kick!

Chad is getting crazy excited! Each night he tells the baby “I can’t wait to see you, but not now…you’re just not ready yet!” He is going to be such a good daddy! He reads a new book to the baby each week. Anyone need gift ideas for Chad…Golden Books!!! He loves to read them to ‘lil Raz!!!!

Not too much else to report for now.


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