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Monday, April 24, 2006

here it is :-) this is the picture I didnt want to put on last time. I had Chad take a picture of me tonight - and I hated it more than this one - so here we are :)

Baby is getting more and more round as the days pass. Depending on the time of day - and what I am doing, it looks like a little basketball in there.

Baby has been woken up two morning by Chad's alarm clock - sounds crazy I know ... but very true. Mom doesn't believe me!

My next appointment is a week from today - I have my glucose test...hope I dont't fail :-)


Anonymous said...

now if you didn't look so glum the picture would be stunning :) SMILE


Anonymous said...

i agree with Mommy. G-ma

Brenda & Chad said...

geez - everyone is a critic! I was trying to get a good picture without looking stupid, guess i didn't do a good job!

I will smile next time :-) Plus, I felt kind of stupid looking at myself in the mirror, smiling - taking a picture of myself!

SOLUTION: from now more face shots!!

Anonymous said...

wondered how you got the picture are smart to think of the mirror!! guess I thought Chad took it----yet wondered what you were holding. Now that I look again,,,,,,,,,I understand the whole story.
It is a good picture, Brenda.
I will be checking for more soon.
Perhaps a picture of Daddy !! GMA

Anonymous said...

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