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Monday, April 04, 2011

dear God, please pray for Japan...

Charli was on my lap tonight and out of her mouth came..."Dear God, please help the workers build everyone a new house in Japan". Sweetie!!! Harper threw some big-sized temper tantrums for a porkchop. He does not like to be anywhere but outside. He wakes up, grabs his shoes and runs to the door. We spent the night at the farm Saturday night and we were outside before we have breakfast most mornings...going in doors does not work for him!
so much fun to have someone to swing with!!

he sat in the big swing for about 15-20 minutes...and just took it all in!

for those of you who knew chad 'in the day'...this should be enough to make you worry. He loves this hat --> which means mom doesn't!!

well, if harper gets a does charli!

mmmm, breakfast! he loves to drink his cereal milk! he doesn't usually spill, lucky me...but not so lucky this day!



harper's favorite piece of attire!

"been farming long"?!

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Anonymous said...

They are sooo cute and adorable.You and your husband are blessed with marvelous kids!