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Sunday, January 10, 2010

new attitudes!!

The new year is bringing new experiences for all of us! Charli is still closer to 3 than 4, but acting more like 4 than ever before :-) We never really went through the terrible 2's but I would say that they trying 3's are here. With some of the moments and experiences we have had lately, I think I can easily (at this moment) say that up to this point...parenting has been a breeze!!!!!

Having said all of that, Charli has still been a good kid! She is just growing up, which can be stressful but also just a little hard to witness our "baby" growing up. she ever!

I would say that Charli's best friend is still Harper, but Harper is growing extremely close to Wynston and Kasper! Harper's main mode of self-transport is still rolling from one spot to another but we have noticed he has really started to try to shimmy himself around on his tummy. Lucky for us, big sister doesn't give him much room to learn these types of things just yet!

Charli before church this morning...Harper was already tucked in his car seat ready to go...always waiting on the girls!

their first bath together. How lucky, Harper got to use "Dora" soap. He has so much to look forward too!! ;-)

Charli invited Harper to help her color last week. He was so excited to monitor her artistic abilities!!

just chilling after church last week. Charli has mastered big sister-hood pretty well. She can take care of him pretty well and it is making him pretty darn strong in the process!!!


Smolek Happenings said...

Such beautiful bebe's! =) I hear ya about the 3's....much more interesting than the 2's!! At least with Ryan! Colby....hmm. He's 2, and living up to it. lol. Your kids are beautiful. =)

Deqlan said...

Aw how lovely that Harper and Charli continue to grow closer and closer together, its so lovely to see the pics and how happy they are together!

stacy from michigan said...

They are growing sooo quickly and they are just beautiful!!! I will have to agree the threes are much more trying than the twos...and don't worry Michael had many a shampoo with Dora also :-)
Prayers from Michigan!

Kelsey said...

ahh Brenda they are growing up so fast.. i can't believe how big Harper is..he is SO darn cute and Charli of course is a dolly :) hope all is well and i love reading the blogs..